Project-DERE (temporary title) is an rpg project that was born from a collection of stories and roleplays between me and my best friend taylor. we've been planning this rpg for years and its not quiet done still mostly due to story character/revisions, graphic overhauls (100% on me being indesicive and redoing sprites/maps 239829 times); and switching from rpg maker vx ace to rpg maker mv.

late 2015 is when the idea of making this game was thrown around and it first started development on the engine rpg maker vx ace in 2016. the main reason, we changed the engine for P-D to rpg maker mv was to have a functional tactics battle system since any rpg maker vx ace scripts for a tactics system were no longer supported/unfinished.


+pixel artist for maps and character sprites and created assets used for menus.
+story writer.

+artist for character portraits, artwork found across maps, and initial stages of battle sprites.
+story writer.

i'm not dead. i'm currently working on what i mentioned months ago... it's coming along but i don't have a completion date since i work in between actual work and other stuff irl @ _ @. so that's why i kind of dissapeared off neocities for a bit. i didn't forget i swear T _ T

it's prequel game of sorts to taylor and i's main project. that's all i can say for now.

long time to update!! this game hasn't been forgotten, taylor and i have just been doing a LOT of rewritting, writing, design concepts, etc. in secret >:3c

although i do have something i can show at the moment: a cutscene test for the prologue of the game! the portraits are just placeholders for now while Taylor draws up new ones. i just noticed i lingered for too long on some lines because i was studying the line wrapping to make adjustments later. don't mind

as i said, taylor is working on new portrait bases in between commission work and i have been doing so so so much writing and timeline organizing. also i don't think we mentioned this before but this game is going to be given out for free once it's fully done. i jokingly refer it as "urban fantasy bible fanfiction on a vhs tape". that is all anyone needs to know...for now. this site is made up with a lot of references to this game if it wasn't apparent already.

i've been meaning to have a devblog running for P-D for years now and i only just started now. probably the most difficult issue for getting this started up is where to host it. i considered tumblr and other blogging platforms in the past but was such a chore trying to get it started that way...

but! we are here now. i don't know why it took me so long to go "hey. code your own devblog. so you can customize it how you want."

since switching to rpg maker mv, i've been practicing parallax mapping and getting graphic assets done. below are previews of some maps and the current textbox for character dialogue. stuff is still subject to change though. at the moment, i still need to reorganize parallax layers for possible animation on these maps.

the main reason, we changed the engine for P-D to rpg maker mv was to have a functional tactics battle system so i've been testing different plugins as well to find the one that best suits P-D.

Taylor has also finished some of the portraits for characters that appear in the first half of the game so i was able to design and finish the textbox graphic after making a mockup.

we have plans of completing the first area (the church) just for a private test run. i ran into issues with deployment as well a couple weeks ago when testing to see if some things wouldn't run. i was able fix the issue but its still something to be mindful of as we progress.