izou okada
"today is a good day for cutting down a man."

"one of the four great manslayers of the shogunate's closing days, holding the alias of 'manslayer izou'.

overly boastful of his own abilities, he has a tendency to look down on all other swordsmen, but reputed as 'one with the sword, swift and nimble as a falcon,' his sword arm was the genuine work of a genius."

— fate/grand order

noble phantasm: settlement sword
♡ milestones ♡

♡ 04/12/2019 - izou came home and i np5'd him in the same day.
♡ 01/09/2020 - reached bond 10.
♡ 06/03/2020 - izou came home on na server. grailed and maxed the same day.

sources: lack / fate grand order wiki / riyo